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Fantasy forest with animated cherry trees
Forest filled with electronic, machine like trees

Hey, I'm Ben.

A Front-End Architect and Full-Stack developer who specializes in the Front-of-the-front-end all the way back.



I love to design and build beautiful, functional, and accessible interfaces. The web is such a powerful platform for expression and creativity. Unlike other mediums, there are no guarantees on how your work will be visualized and you have to weigh that against a myriad of factors like localization, browser support, and device hardware. What a puzzle! While I pushed the limits here, it's important to know (and delight) your audience. UX Matters!


From Fizz buzz to Conway's Game of Life, I love to code. JavaScript is the predominant language of the web and it features a rich ecosystem of new libraries, frameworks and ideas. It's a world that never grows old for me. Some are overwhelmed by choice but I see the web as an ocean of programming opportunity. Whether it's a simple Event Listener, Worker, Router, or a full-blown SPA, I'm always excited to dive in and code something new.

A bit more about me:

TL;DR? — I've been working with browsers since 2003